Mindcrack SMP - #81 - The Viking Beach Hut

I completed Anderz`s Viking Vacation Hut and start working on a little altar to charge the tourists for their stay at our beautiful beach. I also talk about some serious stuff regarding the support for my channel. Rome: Total War: www.youtube.com Arena Flooding System: www.youtube.com Snapshot 13w05a Review: www.youtube.com Minecraft Station: www.youtube.com Chicken Farm Prototype: www.youtube.com Fully Automated Item Sorting: www.youtube.com Far Cry 3 - Run Forrest, Run! www.youtube.com Golem Farm Tutorial: www.youtube.com Witch Farm for 1.4.x: www.youtube.com The Wither Fight with the Mindcrack Army: youtu.be MindCrack is a server Guude started in late 2010. It is a private (whitelisted) server. We are currently not accepting applications. Faithful32x32 Docm77 Edition for 1.4.x: www.mediafire.com Make sure to use mcpatcher before applying HD textures!


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